Vision and mission


The UP Intelligent Systems Center aims to be the gateway to the forefront of technological innovation and intelligence integration. We delve into the realm of intelligent systems, seamlessly blending artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and complex systems. These cutting-edge technologies are catalysts for transformative solutions, addressing the intricate challenges arising from the convergence of the virtual and physical worlds.

Since 2000, significant scientific and technological strides have been propelled by intelligent systems. From autonomous systems and robotic equipment to smart devices, augmented reality, and intelligent manufacturing, applications resonate across sectors, presenting innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by our society.

At UP Intelligent Systems Center we are committed to pioneering advancements that extend beyond conventional boundaries. Our center serves as a hub for collaborative expertise, facilitating enhanced transdisciplinary collaborative research within the UP system and beyond, driven by the vision of integrating intelligence into our technological landscape. Through this collaborative approach, we tackle pressing environmental issues, navigate socio-technical challenges, and offer solutions in critical areas such as transportation, the economy, employment, services, public health, creative industries, and education.

Join us in this exciting venture where intelligence meets innovation. Explore the dynamic landscape of intelligent systems and witness firsthand how our multidisciplinary approach contributes to shaping a future where technology meets societal needs.


UP Intelligent Systems Center, a hub for research on Complexity, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence, is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to complex societal problems. Our mission is to mobilize UP's expertise across different Constituent Units, leverage existing tools for studying complex systems, centralize access to diverse data sets, and conduct coordinated experiments, advancing transdisciplinary scholarship.


As the UP Intelligent Systems Center, our vision is to be a globally recognized research center providing innovative solutions to real-world socio-economic problems. We aim to harness the power of intelligence, data science, and artificial intelligence to transform tomorrow.