Research areas

UP ISC has three divisions that oversee pluridisciplinary research in fields that contribute to intelligent systems:

The Center supports research on the application of intelligent systems on current and timely areas related to sustainable socioeconomic development, including (but not limited to): 

Research expertise

UP Intelligent Systems Center draws from the expertise of its community of Affiliates, Fellows, and Administrators.

Research programming

Reading list

If you are new to these intelligent systems, we've assembled a reading list to introduce you to relevant learning and research materials.

Complexity science and complex systems

Journal articles

Books and book chapters

Other source materials

UP ISC Complexity Science Division Chair Dr. May Anne Mata's presentation from the 2024 Intelligent Systems Convention

Complexity Science_Dr. May Anne Mata.pdf

Data science

Topic Guide to Data Science, ScienceDirect

UP ISC Data Science Division Chair Dr. Vladimer Kobayashi's presentation from the 2024 Intelligent Systems Convention

Data Science_Dr. Vladimer Kobayashi.pdf

Artificial intelligence

Topic Guide to Artificial Intelligence, ScienceDirect

UP ISC Artificial Intelligence Division Chair Dr. Rex Jalao's presentation from the 2024 Intelligent Systems Convention

Artificial Intelligence_Dr. Eugene Rex Jalao.pdf


Interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity are fluid and contested terms within different research communities. At the UP ISC, we sometimes use “pluridisciplinary” to refer to  all the different varieties of crossing-over and intersections of disciplines. There is no one single guide that we can offer for pluridisciplinary research; however, we can share some references that we have found helpful.



Journal articles

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